Improving safety through behavioural programs

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Improving safety through behavioural programs

At Canadian Natural, we foster a front-line driven safety culture where everyone contributes to making the workplace safer. By embedding safety into our daily conversations and our working together philosophy, it helps each of us promote a front-line driven culture that fosters safety excellence and keeps safety at the forefront. The feedback we receive from our employees and contractors is improving our overall safety performance.

Every day, our staff engages in Worksite Safety Observations (WSOs) — a frontline-driven process where on-the-job worksite behaviors are observed and audited, including procedures related to Process Safety. WSOs promote positive discussions between our frontline workers and our service providers to assist in the successful completion of the task they are performing without incidents. This program was designed to promote safe work habits by identifying and reinforcing positive safety behaviors and actions, as well as ensuring compliance to both Canadian Natural’s and industry’s safety regulations. A similar behavioural-based observation process called “Doing it Right!” is being used in our Canadian Natural Resources International (CNRI) operations.

The WSO/DiR is a key element of our SMS and our frontline driven safety culture, and one of the most successful initiatives within our Safety Excellence program. It has have helped improve our corporate Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) to an all-time low of 0.57 in 2015. To support the program, WSO leadership and coaching sessions occur at all our operations to reinforce site leadership and quality of the observations. For more information on our WSO program and our safety performance read our 2015 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Below are the logos for each of our UK platform’s Safety team. The logos were designed and selected by the staff. They give each platform their own symbol to identify with and when displayed together with the Canadian Natural corporate logo on their clothes, act as a reminder of their commitment to reinforce safe behaviors.

A “day at the office” onboard Espoir platform