Safety Performance

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Safety Performance

Promoting Continuous Improvement

We work to continuously strengthen our Safety Management System (SMS) and enhance our safety culture. We implement new learnings and feedback from frontline personnel as well as develop new programming to ensure compliance with new regulations and key performance indicators (KPIs). Continuous improvement in our safety performance can be attributed to our front-line driven SMS, strong support from senior management, and a high degree of collaboration with our contractors to continually meet health and safety goals.

We measure our performance regularly by reviewing our safety indicators. The Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) is one of the main indicators we use to monitor and evaluate our employee and contractor safety performance. Our corporate TRIF performance has improved to a record low of 0.57 in 2015. This is a decrease of 21 per cent since 2011. Our corporate Lost Time Incident (LTI) frequency also continues to trend down, reaching a record low rate of 0.05 in 2015 — an improvement of 62% since 2011. These positive trends indicate that our Safety Excellence initiatives are proving effective in reducing the number of incidents at Canadian Natural by following our SMS and our front-line driven safety culture. Safety performance results are available in our 2015 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.

Although we track a number of metrics internally, we do not report contractor TRIF or LTI separately. We believe this is a better approach to driving continuous improvement in safety behaviours. Our contractors are part of our workforce, and through a combined TRIF and LTI reporting we take ownership for effectively managing our safety performance.

In addition to the investigation and management of incidents and hazards, we also track, investigate and have follow-up actions for all near-miss reporting as an important part of our proactive/lessons learned approach.