Safety Management System

Corporate Responsibility

Safety Management System

Our Safety Management System (SMS) is a key framework used to help achieve Safety Excellence throughout our operations. Canadian Natural's SMS consists of 15 industry recognized elements that enable the company to exceed industry standards for basic safety programs.

Canadian Natural conducts its business in accordance to the principles found within our Corporate Statements. Specifically, our SMS system is structured keeping with the principles found within the Corporate Statement on Health and Safety. Our integrated Safety, Health and Environmental Management System (SHEMS) in our CNRI operations is based on the same principles, structured to meet local regulatory requirements and fulfill our environmental and safety performance goals.

Our North America E&P and Horizon safety teams recently worked together to implement a unified SMS for our Canadian Natural North American Operations. A significant effort was put forth to ensure consistency throughout the implementation of worker safety programs, which is expected to be a positive enhancement.

Canadian Natural’s approach to emergency management, as another key component of our SMS, includes having corporate and facility specific emergency response plans in place to ensure a safe and well-coordinated response in the event of an incident. These plans are similar in approach while also recognizing the unique needs of our divisions and facilities across our operations. Read more about our Emergency Management Program here.

Our Safety and Asset Integrity teams work together with all our operational divisions to implement and effectively execute our Safety and Asset Integrity Management Systems. Canadian Natural also has formal joint management/worker health and safety committees in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Canada. These committees conduct quarterly meetings to monitor, receive feedback and advice on health and safety programs.

As part of our SMS, ensuring people’s safety also involves tracking workforce on our operational sites through site security and access badges related to the specific jobs.

Through our Process Safety Management (PSM) framework, we continue to develop an integrated and systematic approach to assuring the safety and asset integrity of our offshore oil and natural gas infrastructure and assets. To learn more about our PSM framework, click here.

SMS audits and recognition

Canadian Natural’s Safety teams conduct internal SMS audits to raise awareness and expectations by reinforcing our ‘Front-line Driven Safety’ culture and helping supervisors demonstrate ‘Safety as a Core Value’. These internal audits are completed across all our operations — in the field, offshore installations and corporate offices. The audit process allows for feedback and constructive collaboration, as action plans are generated within each operating area for continued improvement.

This internal process also supports the annual external Certificate of Recognition (COR) maintenance audit in Canada. Our North American Operations SMS continues to maintain the partnership with the Government of Alberta in COR program and the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) status through the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB).

SHEMS audits are regulated by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulatory body. Additionally, our SHEMS audits are regularly carried out to ensure our integrated SMS remains up to date.