Healthy People in Healthy Workplaces

Corporate Responsibility

Healthy People in Healthy Workplaces

We take great care in ensuring that our people have many opportunities to improve their health and wellness. Canadian Natural launched the “Strive” Employee Wellness Program in 2012. Participation in Strive generates financial rewards that can be used to pay for healthcare or wellness expenses not fully covered by the Canadian Natural benefits plan.

To date, the program has been made available to 7,265 eligible employees in NA E&P, and 418 eligible employees at our International offices in the UK and Africa. Each year, since its launch in 2012, employee participation numbers have grown. Most importantly, a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of the program shows a 32 per cent improvement in employee health and some permanent healthy lifestyle changes for program members.

Canadian Natural’s wellness program is based on a long-term vision and focus on:

  • Helping employees identify health risks;
  • Raising awareness around behavioral changes to improve health; and
  • Promoting activities and initiatives that will have a positive impact on increasing healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Strive promotes healthy lifestyle behaviours by raising awareness and promoting physical exercise, good nutrition and involvement in community-based volunteering activities. A health screening process provides valuable data to shape the direction of our corporate wellness initiatives, and a path for disease prevention and improved health. The program also includes coaching for participants, including those assessed as high-risk.

In addition to Strive, we provide specific education and carry out health promotion campaigns that relate to malaria, HIV/AIDS and ebola for our employees working or visiting our operations in Africa.

Employees who took part in the Big Bike ride event at the 2015 Calgary Corporate Challenge. Canadian Natural encourages employees to stay active and support the community.