Corporate Responsibility


Among the most significant environmental challenges facing industry, governments, and stakeholders, is finding the most effective policies to achieve major greenhouse gas emissions reductions. In 2015, Canadian Natural participated in a collaborative process with other producers and environmental organizations to work together and provide policy advice to the Government of Alberta. In November 2015, Alberta announced a significant Climate Leadership Plan that incents ongoing innovation and technology investment in the oil and natural gas sector. In this way, we will continue to do our part to address climate change while protecting jobs and industry competitiveness.

Canadians and international observers can have increased confidence that Alberta is a climate change leader with oil and natural gas resources being developed in a responsible way. In many aspects, Canadian Natural is leading the way. As a result of innovative practices, Canadian Natural has significantly decreased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity across our operations and we conserved 18.5 million tonnes CO2e in the last 5 years.

Canadian Natural has an integrated emissions reduction strategy to meet performance goals and comply with requirements for GHG emissions and air pollutants — such as sulphur dioxide (SO2) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). We plan, design, build, and operate all production facilities to achieve high standards of air quality. We implement environmental practices that ensure clean air and promote (1) improved emissions performance, (2) reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and (3) the monitoring and tracking of air quality.

We have programs in place to maintain high air quality standards through emission reduction. Our programs focus on use of technology and continuous improvement in operational performance to improve both energy conservation and efficiency. We focus on reducing flaring and venting, conserving fuel and natural gas, and maintaining high air quality standards. Best practices and innovations are shared with industry partners to accelerate industry-wide environmental advancements.

Canadian Natural participates in both the Canadian federal and provincial regulated GHG emissions reporting programs. We continue to quantify annual GHG emissions for internal reporting purposes.

Read about our environmental practices to reduce GHG emissions and protect air quality For information on our environmental performance please see our 2015 Stewardship Report to Stakeholders.