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Technology Evaluation Portal

Canadian Natural is the leading crude oil and natural gas investor in Research & Development in Canada.  We are proud of the technology and innovation that have allowed us to continue to do better, becoming more effective and efficient at what we do.

The starting point for our Technology Evaluation Procedure is an internal review of "non-confidential" information. Please fill out following form with only non-confidential information and provide any relevant attachments. Once we have received completed form, we will inform you in 3-5 business days whether we require additional information in order to assess your technology. If we have all the necessary information, then you can expect a response to your submission in 30 business days.

Required Information:

*Technology Name

Key Contact

*Phone Number
*Email Address

Technology Readiness Level

*Is your Technology Commercialized

If YES, please follow up your application through Supply Management portal.

Intellectual Property Status

*Is your Technology proprietary?
*If YES, are applicable patents or publications in place or filed? (list them)
*Please describe how your intellectual property is being protected.
*Is the technology at risk of infringing others patent? Please elaborate.

Business Plan

*How do you intend to profit from doing business?

Technology Overview / Summary

*At a high level briefly describe the technology. State the hypothesis of expected performance / functionality.

Stage of Technology Development

*At which stage of development is your technology? (Concept, Lab Research, Pilot, Field prototype or commercial).
*Has your technology been adapted from a different industry than oil and gas? Please expand on similarities.

How it works

*Describe (using non confidential information) how the equipment / process / methodology works.
*Describe the main identified obstacles of this technology and assumptions.

Technology Implementation Opportunities

*Describe potential implementation (proposal).

Identify in which area(s) will your technology be used:

If Other, please specify.


*Describe potential implementation (proposal).


*Describe potential implementation (proposal).
*Provide an expected high level CAPEX/OPEX estimation for a commercial unit.

Process Performance and Robustness

*Provide quantitative relative benefits over existing technology (Process / operations / maintenance).
*Describe what maintenance will be involved.
*In the case of malfunctioning, does this technology pose a risk to the environment? Please discuss probability and safeguards.
*Elaborate on scale up risks.

Land Use

*Approximate commercial size footprint.

Water Use/Quality

*Estimate the amount of water needed for a full size application.
*Determine the volume of waste water and / or its quality.

Air Emissions

*Elaborate on air emissions.


*Is the process / equipment intrinsically safer than current practice? Please elaborate on the possible safeguards.

By products

*Describe the resultant deposit(s) properties (sand/fines/clay/water contents and densities, strength etc.).
*Comment on “off spec” performance / behaviour.

Deposit Environmental Performance

*Provide list and dosages of all chemicals added to process, as well as projected resulting levels on major cations / ions, pH etc.


*Describe anticipated / possible reclamation scenario(s). Include discussion on potential for deposit settlement and fate of deposit fluid content.

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